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Winner of Islamic Economy Knowledge Infrastructure Award Global Islamic Economy Summit

We won the "Best Shariah Advisory Firm" award!

We are very honored to have won the “Best Shariah Advisory Firm” award in the recent IFN Service Providers Award 2022 as voted by the industry market players and peers.

Our sincerest thanks and appreciation to all of our clients, contacts, friends and followers around the world for your ongoing support and trust in us. It is our commitment to continue improving and strive to provide better quality services to our valued clients and everyone.

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Amanie Advisors is a leading Shariah advisory firm specializing in Islamic finance solutions covering a wide range of services including Shariah advisory and consultancy, training and research & development for institutional and corporate clientele focusing on Islamic financial services.

Islamic Economy Award

Amanie Advisors won the Islamic Economy Award in the category of Islamic Economy Knowledge Infrastructure at the prestigious Global Islamic Economy Summit (GIES) in Dubai, UAE as delivered by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Vice President and Prime Minister of UAE

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Our global presence is perfectly positioned to offer international perspective and global best practices to clients around the world.

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Global office


Maya Marissa Malek

Executive Director,
Global Shariah Advisory
Chief Executive Officer,
Amanie Advisors Global Office

Aiman Aizuddin Rashid

Associate Director,
Global Shariah Advisory
Amanie Advisors      Global Office                                                         

Mohd Daud

Senior Associate
Global Shariah Advisory,
Amanie Advisors     Global Office                                                                                             


Senior Associate
Global Shariah Advisory,
Amanie Advisors     Global Office                                                                                           


Senior Associate
Global Shariah Advisory, Amanie Advisors Global               Office                                                                                           


Global Shariah Advisory,
Amanie Advisors      Global Office                                                                               

Head office

Kuala Lumpur


Chief Executive Officer,
Head Office
  South East Asia 

Ainul Azura

Chief Operating Officer,
Head Office
  South East Asia

Erna Waty

Senior Consultant
Head Office,
 South East Asia      

Ahmad Anas

Senior Consultant
Head Office,
  South East Asia       


Head Office
  South East Asia       

Muhammad Hafizuddin Abd Hamid

Associate Consultant,
Head Office
South East Asia

Europe office

Benjamin Clarehugh

Director Global, Shariah Advisory Europe Office

Kazakhstan office​

Suhaida Mahpot

Chief Executive Officer,
Head Office
South East Asia

Ainul Azura Zakiyudin

Chief Operating Officer,
Head Office
South East Asia

Collective expertise

The Amanie Advisors’ team of experts have extensive experience from diverse and specialized disciplines ranging from Shariah, investment banking, legal, economics, accounting, risk, corporate finance, and strategic planning.

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Dr. Mohd Daud Bakar

Mainstreaming of Islamic Finance

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Maya Marissa Malek

Socially Responsible Investments (SRI)

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Ainul Azura Zakiyudin

Islamic Microfinance

Diverse business network

Amanie is perfectly positioned between the supply and demand side of the Islamic finance industry. This placement allows Amanie to not only transact on globally available opportunities but to also bring more players to the discussion and further the needs of all stakeholders in the Islamic finance space.

Shariah Solutions

Amanie provides end-to-end Shariah solutions for both financial and non-financial clientele. Our best-fit and cutting-edge solutions developed and delivered direct to Amanie’s clients are measured against high-level industry-wide fiduciary and governance standards. Amanie’s core services cover the whole spectrum of Islamic finance and involve consultancy work in various areas including the following key areas:

Amanie develops the solution for any particular arising problem from the market. Amanie will engage with new entities and be briefed on their idea in producing a Shariah-compliant product or new initiative. Amanie’s first question will always be, “What is the economic effect you are looking to achieve?” and we will work backwards from there. Amanie will then, using the expertise of its well-diversified consultants and consulted by its SSB members, structure a Shariah-compliant solution to the product or new initiative where feasible. These will be based on global international standards to ensure that it will be widely acceptable by worldwide countries across the regions. Sometimes it is not possible to mirror the desired economic effect in a Shariah compliant manner and we feel that a quick no is best in these situations.

Amanie Advisors offers a total Shariah outsourcing solution through its specialised Shariah advisory team from various technical backgrounds, guided by the Amanie Shariah Supervisory Board comprised of globally renowned Shariah scholars. This Shariah outsourcing solution ensures accelerated Shariah capabilities within an institution, enabling efficient and speedy time to market, lower capital outlay and fast recognition in the industry.

Amanie works closely with its clients to design and conceptualise a specific financial product which is relevant to the client’s needs, without compromising on Shariah compliance. Amanie prides itself on our ability to arrive at both simple and complex Shariah solutions that provide the precise intended commercial effects our clients need. We have an extensive track record of successfully implemented products across all areas of Islamic finance. Amanie also has wide-ranging expertise on the operational issues, such as those related to legal, risk, accounting & IT aspects of the overall product development process.

In addition to the continuous Shariah supervisory and monitoring services, Amanie undertakes annual Shariah review and audit exercise for the purpose of issuing annual certification on Shariah compliance either at product level or entity level, in line with industry best practices. With its tried and tested Shariah audit methodology, the Shariah audit process not only provides Shariah credibility but also enhances existing practices towards better and more efficient Shariah operationalisation.

Amanie helps its clients establish a proper and sound governance framework designed to support their capabilities within Islamic finance. A robust and comprehensive Shariah Governance Framework allows institutions to offer Shariah-compliant products and services without having to worry about potential Shariah issues arising unexpectedly. The framework and relevant policy documents that follow – drafted by a team with a wealth of expertise in the field – detail all the relevant internal authorities, structures and processes to ensure efficient day-to-day business is conducted in a Shariah-compliant manner.

Amanie Advisors has the requisite expertise for the conversion of a conventional product/activity into a Shariah compliant product/activity while maintaining equivalent economic benefits, where possible. The process includes, among others, mapping a conversion strategy, staff reorientation, process re-engineering

Amanie is a premier provider of Islamic finance talent development programs. We offer high quality educational courses, public workshops and structured in-house training. These programs are designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of various areas of Islamic banking and finance. Our training programs cover the most pressing conceptual and operational issues, along with a heavy dose of practical knowledge by incorporating real-world case studies, exercises, and group work.

Amanie also provides module development services for universities and professional certification bodies. Some of our recent work includes development of modules for CIMA Advanced Diploma in Islamic Finance (CADIF) the CIMA Diploma in Islamic Finance (CDIF) and INCEIF Chartered Islamic Finance Professional qualification.

Amanie undertakes the certain best fit activities and environmental assessments including an assessment of the existing IT environment and a gap analysis against a set of Shariah parameters and international best practices. Subsequently we support the design, management, and evaluation of the processes related to core banking and product systems, ensuring alignment to Shariah parameters as well as business and technology requirements.

Amanie’s team of specialists may assist companies to make informed and empowered market entry, investment, reorganisation, and formation of new entity decisions for Islamic related projects or institutions. Samples of projects that we can deliver are spin-off of Islamic banking window/subsidiary, setting up of a takaful company, formation of a zakat institution, creation of a specialised waqf fund/corporation, building of a pilgrimage administration body, development of an Islamic securitisation house and structuring of an Islamic investment fund, amongst others.

Premier Islamic Finance Consultant since 2005

Training Capabilities

Amanie is the Education Partner of the Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions (“AAOIFI”) and the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (“CIMA”).

Amanie offers bespoke and tailor-made training programmes for AAOIFI and CIMA courses such as the Chartered Islamic Professional Accountant (“CIPA”) and Certified Shariah Advisor and Auditor (“CSAA”) course under AAOIFI and Diploma in Islamic Finance and Advance Diploma in Islamic Finance under CIMA.  Amanie was also the co-developer of the diploma module programmes offered by CIMA.

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Besides the above, Amanie also provide bespoke training services to any institutions and will cater the training module and programme to suit the client’s requirements and preference. 

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