Dr. Mohd Daud Bakar on his book – 25 Hours In A Day

Working across the globe in my heavy travelling schedule, one aspect which is more challenging would be the time management.

As you know, we cannot manage the time, we have to manage ourselves in relation to time.

So, I have developed a deep observation of how I could manage my own time, not only to save the time and to salvage the time, but also to create new units of time and this is very, very crucial because in order for you to take more assignment, to take more work and to take more activities and to achieve your own dream, personal or otherwise, you have to have more time in your lifetime.

25 Hours in a Day

I Have 25 Hours In A Day Book Cover

In my book, 25 Hours in a Day, I have been able to share my own real experience as a father, as a husband, as a CEO, as the Shariah scholar, as a writer, of how I have been able to meticulously plan the time so that I can suit the expectations and can achieve the expectations of so many stakeholders in the ecosystem.

So, the book is very much real, is very much human, is not beyond our human understanding and apprehension; I’m also human, we are not superhuman, we have to be real in our articulation and the book is about the real articulation of the real life of me and I hope the book can also benefit you.

No matter how busy are you in your profession, the book should be able to give you some tips and some motivation that you can do the same thing – you can salvage your time, you can create units of time and you can feel that the time is always flowing with you.

You can control the time, you can make the time as your good friend and you could be able to see that the time is under your control.

The moment you can do that, you are the king of the time and you are the game changer for your life, for your industry, for your profession, and Insya’Allah for the whole world.

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