Course on Shariah Investing and Islamic Fund Management. Join us! To those who would like to understand the Shariah requirements in relation to Shariah investing or Islamic fund management, kindly join us this webinar session. To request for more info:


New Upgrading Programme from AMANIE ACADEMY SDN BHD for CEO and HOD of IFIs “How to Become an Effective CEO & HOD of Islamic Financial Institutions” The objective of this knowledge sharing session is to equip the CEO and the leaders of the industry to have the necessary thinking skills and problem solving skills in managing Shariah …

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New Upskilling Programme by AMANIE ACADEMY SDN BHD for Board of Directors of IFIs “Onboarding Series to the Shariah Minds for Board of Directors & Senior Managers of Islamic Financial Institutions” The objective of this knowledge sharing session is to equip the Board members (and the would be Board members) and the Senior managers (and the would …

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Tribute to Sheikh Dr Abdul Sattar Abu Ghuddah Join us in the grand virtual gathering of some of the leading scholars of the Muslim Ummah as they will meet on line to pay tribute to Sheikh Dr Abdul Sattar Abu Ghudda (may Allah SWT Blessings be with him). He has passed away last Friday. Main …

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“The sukuk market represents roughly 20 percent of total Islamic finance assets of $2.4tn as of 2019. However, after 25 years, Islamic banking assets continue to dominate the Islamic finance landscape, with a 72 percent share of the industry. Sukuk clearly has a very high mountain to climb to catch up and with rapid advancements …

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Sheikh Dr Abdul Sattar Abu GhuddahThe Lost of the Father of Islamic Finance Shariah Scholars I felt very sad. No one has ever left the Shariah finger print on my Shariah personality as much as he did. I met with him for the first time in Labuan circa 1995. He needed my help to translate …

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It is with great sadness to learn of the demise of a great Shariah scholar in Islamic Finance, Syeikh Dr Abdul Sattar Abu Ghuddah. He has been a key figure in the development of the Islamic finance industry since its inception and one the most renowned international Shariah Scholars. Dr Abu Ghuddah also sits as …

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