Dr. Mohd Daud Bakar on Amanie Advisors

Amanie Advisors is a Shariah Advisory firm which is operating at the international level.

It was setup in the city of Kuala Lumpur in 2005 and from there on we moved to Dubai and we are operating in other cities of the world as well.

Amanie means in Arabic – dreams; it is our dream to provide Shariah compliant advisory services to our clients all over the world – the government, the private sector, and anyone, any bank, any institution, who are looking to make their product compliant to the Shariah principles.

It is a very unique company because we are covering the Shariah from many different perspective; we are covering Shariah from the legal perspective, from the accounting perspective, from the banking, financial, capital markets, sukuk, and even risk management perspective.

So, Amanie in the best position to provide the helping hand, to you, to your client, to anyone who is interested to make their products compliant and compatible to the international Shariah standard of the world.

Feel free to contact us and our team – we are always ready to listen to you and to work together with you, to serve your purpose and objective to make your products available for Islamic investors and whoever is looking to make the product compliant.

If you are interested to get us to help you with Islamic finance consultancy and Shariah advisory, feel free to contact us. Our team are looking forward to grow your brand with Shariah compliance products and services.

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